We provide traceability and transparency to the global food supply chain.

Do you know what’s on your plate?

Global access to the food supply chain has never been more available. While the ability to instantly ship food products across the globe and direct to consumers has accelerated, the systems to track and trace food has not.

Genetic modification, counterfeit labeling around production and “best before” dates, and disguised food products and ingredients, are wreaking havoc on the global food supply chain.  Additionally, new dietary restrictions have been established due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Through its creation of an efficient and transparent supply chain, OrganicSmart will address these evolving needs of the consumer.


OrganicSmart with headquarters in Pennsylvania, USA and Nagoya, Japan. The OrganicSmart USA and Japan teams work together closely, sharing information around trends in food technology and markets in both countries.  The shared platform is continuously evolving around global food imports and exports.



Neal Foster CEO in USA, Director
Martin Roberts CEO in JAPAN, Director
James Hamill USA, CFO
Chiaki Takahashi JAPAN, Director

Prof. Jin LeePh.D., USA, Research Scientist

Prof. Sejong Yoon Ph.D., USA, Research Scientist
Prof. Paul M.S. Choi Ph.D., South Korea, Research Scientist