Creating a world of trust through transparency
in the food supply chain


Who We Are

OrganicSmart is focused on transforming the dining experience by helping great restaurants and food suppliers track and promote the quality and freshness of the foods and ingredients that differentiate their menus. 

Powered by innovative technology and data-driven design, we provide a turn-key solution that easily integrates into your existing operations to track food and deliver a “menu-companion” that your patrons can access from their mobile devices.

Our vision is to give people the most compelling and transparent fresh-food-first experience. The current systems used by the food industry for tracking deliveries and inventory rely on manual data entry, making them prone to human error. More importantly, there is no efficient and transparent system in the restaurant industry. OrganicSmart fills the needs as a data-driven technology company providing most tranparent food tracking platform for customers, restaurants and food suppliers. 

In order to “know where your food comes from”, the food supply chain should be transparent, efficient and secure. Through our efficient and secure network system, we construct such desirable food supply chain and provide a solution for the food traceability, safety and freshness, eliminating the possibility to alter any critical food information.

Mobile Native App

Mobile Transaction System, powered by OrganicSmart

A transaction is a transfer of values, and in our case, the transaction takes place upon the delivery of foods.
Each delivery is validated by two parties: a food supplier and a buyer.
This validation includes their digital signatures, which demonstrate the approval of all information about the delivered foods, including the time and location of deliveries, the origin of the ingredients, and the related tracking records. Our mobile application plays a critical role in the creation and documentation of these records within our efficient and secure hybrid database system.

Web App

OrganicSmart Mobile

For transparency to exist in the food industry, there needs to be a system that will remove the potential to alter the history of food ingredients.
Our technoligy fills this need, as it is a fully transparent and efficient system that will prevent the possible manipulation of the critical data of food ingredients. Through the web application interface that we have built, we are able to provide to the consumer an accurate record of the origin of food ingredients that cannot be altered.