As seen in the media, genetically modified foods, fake eggs, rotten meats and vegetables, and fraudulent labels have become a growing problem in today’s world. At the same time, society has become more critical of what it eats. In an attempt to address these issues, numerous organic farms and health conscious restaurants provide information around the origins of their products. Many of these businesses maintain that they serve their customers solely with organic and healthy food ingredients, despite not sourcing the ingredients themselves, and having no ability to actually verify that claim.

So much is at stake with these assertions. Is it true what consumers are being led to believe? Can we trust what is being claimed by the owners of these businesses? What if, there was some way to verify the truth behind assertions being made by these businesses, and we could truly set the consumer’s mind at ease?

To solve this problem, through our blockchain network system, we are providing a solution for an efficient and transparent food supply chain, from seed to table. This solution will eliminate the uncertainty around the origin of food ingredients, and will provide the consumer the reassurance that it is looking for. Our solution will build a new permissioned blockchain network for restaurants, food distributors, manufacturers, and farmers, on top of our smart automation systems, based on the hybrid database and computer vision technology.

Our mission is for our new system and technology to not only help consumers, but to also enhance the efficiency and security of a variety of businesses in the food industry. We are seeking to create a world of trust through transparency as we strive to help make the planet healthier and smarter.

Founding Story

In December 2018, long time friends Dr. Lee and Scott were chatting at Scott’s Japanese restaurant, Kooma, in downtown West Chester, Pennsylvania. In conversation, Scott mentioned to Dr.Lee that his customers often inquired as to the freshness of the fish in the sushi and sashimi that was being served at his restaurant. Even though Scott knew that his restaurant used the highest quality fish in the market, there was no way for him to verify that for his customers. Or so he thought.

Dr. Lee had been working on quite a few IT projects and it occurred to him that some features of blockchain could in fact provide Scott with the verification necessary to back his claims about the quality of his food, and to put his customers’ minds at ease. As they researched further, they quickly realized that this was a new idea and there wasn’t a service in the world that currently applied such information technology to the food industry in a way that would create a transparent system that could verify critical food information. After the exciting revelation, Dr. Lee shared this idea with two of his friends (core developers), and they soon began working together to design the system that would ultimately lead to the founding of OrganicSmart, Inc.