Food Safety

Families are relying on delivery, e-commerce food sourcing, and ready-made prepared foods more than ever before.  Given the shift in trends around meal preparation, accurate knowledge around nutritional information and origin and freshness of ingredients has become a vital need for consumers.  OrganicSmart is committed to providing consumers with tamper-proof, transparent data about the food that consumers are sourcing, from production to distribution.

Food Loss

OrganicSmart will help mitigate food loss and spoilage by providing accurate information around the freshness of food (i.e., shipping date, delivery date, best-before date, etc.) in a cost-efficient manner.  Our goal is to create a transparent and efficient ecosystem where restaurants and retailers can provide consumers with an inexpensive way to reduce food loss due to spoilage by monetizing excess inventory.

To the world

We are supporters of global food trade and believe that the only path to success is through trusted, transparent access to data from the food’s origin to its consumption. By providing a complete end to end view, and leveraging 3rd party trust verification, OrganicSmart can provide the consumer with a verified path, whether the food is locally supplied or shipped from any corner of the globe.

Japan has set a goal of expanding its export market for agricultural, forestry, and fisheries products from the current level of 900 billion yen to 5 trillion yen by 2030, even as the market is inevitably shrinking due to a declining and aging population. While foreign consumers are highly interested in Japanese beef and Japanese fresh fish, they are also sensitive to counterfeit products. OrganicSmart will leverage its global presence to focus on food exports from Japan to the U.S.A to validate our technology and to protect Japanese brand foods.